Star TV is an entertainment and lifestyle channel that is produced by the Belgian company Newscom. Its goal as a network is to produce shows that are all about celebrities and stars. This means that the shows we create are for celebrities and from celebrities. You can switch on our channel if you are looking to get updated on the lives of the best and the brightest stars here and around the world. All you have to do is to subscribe to our channel and watch our shows non-stop.

Who we are

We are a Belgian television network that was created to fill the void of then need of people to watch the lifestyle of celebrities, both locally and internationally. The network was established in 2011 because of the lingering voice in the market that seeks a channel that caters specifically to celebrities and stars. We continue to be strong in the industry. We are recognized as one of the leading entertainment-oriented networks in Belgium.

What we offer

You can watch our television shows a day in and day out. We have reruns of some of our previous series in the evening as well as talk shows and entertainment-themed shows. You will never be left out ever again with Star TV. You will get the latest news about what is going on with your favorite celebrities. You will also get insights on the latest products endorsed by these stars. We also give promo codes and coupon codes on products to those who are fans of the shows and the celebrities.