Best Cities in Asia Where Hollywood Stars Stay

Are you dreaming of your next vacation? How about going to Asia to spend the holidays? Asia has long been the vacation spot for most Hollywood stars. They want to unwind and be off-camera for months on end. They want to experience being normal and going to Asia is one way to do it. Our website visitors will be pleased to know that we listed a few cities in Asia that you can stay and be like Hollywood celebrities.

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Chiang MaiChiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city that is located in the northern part of Thailand. The literal translation of the name is New City because it was not originally the capital city of the province. Its full name is Nopburi Si-Nakhonping Chiangmai. You can do a lot of things during your stay here in Chiang Mai. You can attend festivals like Loi Krathong in November or the Songkran in April. if you love flowers, you should go to the city during the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February.

The city also offers a lot of museums to feed your craving for Thai culture. Visit the Chiang Mai National Museum and the Tribal Museum to see the history that has shaped Thailand to what it is today.

Hoi An

Hoi An

If you want peace and tranquility in your next vacation, then an excellent recommendation would be Hoi An that is located in Vietnam. Most common tourist would suggest Hanoi as a place to visit in the country. But it is Hoi An that would be preferable because of the richness of the beauty and calmness that it brings to the hearts of those who visit. You can see here in Hoi An the number of foreign influences that made it the city to check out and have a vacation in. Visit the Japanese Bridge that was built in the 16th century.

Hoi An translates to the Peaceful Meeting Place. Being a world heritage site, it has been preserved by the government to retain its alluring peace. Tourists go to the Hoi An wreck, a shipwreck from the 15th century. You can also participate in the Full Moon Festival.