Star TV is a popular television channel that is produced by Newscom, a company in Belgium. It is a thematic television network, meaning, the shows being produced here in the channel are of the same theme or belonging to a particular genre.

Star TV is mainly a channel that has a different show of, about, and for celebrities and stars. Even the channel is named as such because it wants to showcase celebrities, artists, actors, and actresses. But the shows themselves are not to be limited on the glitz and glamour of the lives of these celebrities. Some will provide behind the scenes footages of these actors while on set, what they are doing on their vacations, and more.

We have a wide array of shows just for the fans. We have acquired the rights to show famous YouTube stars and their tech blogs. We partnered with the big names in retail stores and online shops like Lazada and Zalora to give our avid viewer promo codes and voucher codes. You will find our channel exciting and fun to watch.

We want to stay connected with our fans and website visitors by plugging famous actors and actresses in our fan interactive area. This is a place where fans get to talk to their favorite celebrities. We also want to update our fan base with the latest shows and series that are currently on our channel.

Yes, we do. We did build a website with fans of Hollywood and other international celebrities in mind. We developed a format and a TV show that presents Hollywood stars and A-listers. We also have interviews and discussion with them.

You can register on our page and give us your name and email address so that we can send you newsletters and possible changes on the shows that we have on our channel.